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HealthyTutor is the first web based consumer learning technology that helps healthcare managers systematically analyze, enhance and monitor consumer self-care behavior to improve outcomes. A proprietary 5 stage educational content algorithm wraps evidenced based, interactive multimedia within a patented performance analytics shell to embrace the consumer in a therapeutic learning partnership with one or more health managers.

The result is highly engaging learning event that produces greater retention of critical self-management knowledge and the identification of key self-care limitations for those at risk for poor health outcomes. Consumers become more responsive to medication adherence, self-care and wellness programs. Satisfaction and trust improves and costs related to hospital admissions, health care utilization and drug costs decrease.

Can your education program answer these important questions?

"How can we validate employee knowledge and understanding of health concepts?"

HealthyTutor is the only digital learning program that measures, instructs and reports consumer risk and self-management ability, then benchmarks and revalidates automatically along the consumer's lifestyle continuum. Traditional consumer health education products use single ended tests to validate learning. Such outdated designs lack deep engagement and the ability to identify compliance issues, learning deficits and growing risk along the care continuum.

"How can I provide self-management content that continues to inform and instruct between office visits?"

Our structured feedback and meaningful, real-time performance data encourages consumers and health managers to take action. Health coaches can easily identify and remotely educate those at the highest risk for poor outcomes. Care managers connect anywhere to evaluate self-care learning success and create "knowledge prescriptions" that correct deficits, further advance healthy behaviors and greatly reduce health deterioration and readmissions.

"How can we implement a disease self-management program without disrupting our current workflow?"

The automated, browser-based design of HealthyTutor decreases the time and labor associated with traditional face to face consumer learning. The applications may be used as standalone programs outside of a health record or ported to client web sites for ease of access. Reports of consumer performance are automatically generated and fully formatted for both health manager and consumer. Learning history and resources are easily accessible within personalized dashboards for both health manager and consumer.

"How can we demonstrate a return on our consumer education resource investment?"

HealthyTutor measures the effectiveness of the individual learning event as well as the effectiveness of your overall education program. By reducing the bulk and complexity of your internal program, HealthyTutor empowers a strategy that maximizes learning performance while reducing overall expense. Third party reimbursement and end of course sponsorship may be available to offset product costs. Ask us how! or call toll free 1-Tutor-for-Wellness (1-888-673-6793)